Our product is as unique
as your dog

Let's get to know your pooch better

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By answering these questions, we will build you and your pooch a unique formula, custom to both you and your dog. We use a blend of therapeutic-grade botanicals to cater to your furry family member’s attributes, and your own scent preferences.

1. What is your dog’s hair type? (Pick up to two)
2. Is your dog’s coat/skin:

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Challenges with your dog

We only use the highest quality botanical essences. Frankincense, Myrrh, and Vetiver, known as ‘the king’s oils’, may holistically help with some common issues. The milder, earthy scents of these essential oils will be barely noticeable to either you or your dog’s noses. We, as dog owners, understand that a mild scent is imperative when handling your canine companion.

3. Does your dog suffer from any of the following behaviours? (Pick up to two)
4. Does your dog suffer from any muscle or joint issues?
5. Would you consider your dog a: (pick one below)

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Create your spa

We realize that bath time is not just about your furry best friend. Here are some natural botanicals you can choose from to enhance your formula and make the experience more enjoyable for you both. Once again, fragrance strength is considered, and no chemical fragrance ingredients are used.

6. Choose your fragrance from the options below
7. What is your dog’s name?

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Giving back

Caring for our neighbors and animals who are in unfortunate situations is part of our culture and is important to animal-lovers worldwide. We want to give back to our vast animal community on your behalf. Laslo & Saxon have mandated that 1% of your purchase goes to a charity or non-profit society of your choice.

8. Choose a charity from the options below