Mother Nature’s natural
essences are the foundation
of our formula.

Read below to discover more.

Our Botanical Essences

One of these beautiful and fragrant botanicals is chosen by you as a 'top note' to your dog's formula, so you can create your spa-like experience. Both you and your dog will feel oh-so-pampered during bath time. The luxurious scent of your personalised formula will have you melting away the stresses of the day.


Northern Lights is our special holiday edition blend, which will bring you and your pupper into a magical boreal woodland. Feel uplifted with scents of Fir and renewing Bergamot. Frankincense which is known for its rejuvenating skin qualities, rounds out this earthy and peaceful blend. This formula will evoke feelings of warmth and calm during these colder winter months.

Atlas Cedar
& Rosemary

Rosemary is primarily known for its role in the culinary world, but it has increased in popularity as a favourite bath and body ingredient over the years. We’ve paired rosemary’s herbaceous scent with woodsy atlas cedar, which originates from the Atlas Mountains in north Africa, for an earthy, grounding blend. This calming and sweet scent will bring zen to both you and your furry family member and support with a healthy coat

& Lemongrass

Lemongrass has a subtle citrus scent which evokes an immediate and refreshing sense of ‘ahhh’. In addition to its herbacious aroma, it is also known as a natural pest deterent. It is a popular ingredient known to support with relieving stress and aches. Lemongrass is also known for its naturally deodorizing properties, making it an obvious choice in creating a fresh scent! We’ve added in lemon verbena to compliment this citrusy and spa-like scent!

& Sage

For centuries, lavender has been cherished for its calming qualities. Ancient Romans and Egyptians used lavender for relaxing, bathing, and cooking. These uses carry onward to today’s modern times! We have paired it with anti-oxidant rich sage, to make a soothing and aromatic blend. Sage is also known for it's strong balancing effects, which is why we find it a perfect compliment to Lavender. These unmistakable scents will soak away stress and create a sense of calm for both you and your furry best friend.


Bergamot is an uplifting scent that is reminiscent of sunny days. You may recognize bergamot as a familiar ingredient if you’ve ever enjoyed a good cup of Earl Grey tea. This citrusy-floral fruit has gained popularity in the fragrance world through the centuries, and even made it into the world’s first perfume in history. We paired it with orange, another member of the citrus family, to create a bright scent to bring a sunny disposition to every bath time.

Based on your quiz results, some of these powerful, but subtly scented essential oils will be blended in your dog's formula to improve their wellness holistically.


Ancient records show that Myrrh was so valued that it was often worth more than its weight in gold. Myrrh essential oil, derived from the gummy resin of the small, thorny Myrrh tree, has been used for centuries for its health benefits. Myrrh may be supportive for older dogs that experience joint pain and tired muscles. It also is soothing to the skin when used in topical treatments. It is a strong anti-oxidant, and helps to keep our pooches coats strong against today's environmental pollutants.


A member of the grass family, vetiver is typically native to India and known as the 'oil of tranquility'. Vetiver has an earthy, rich aroma, and is known to be useful in improving alertness and brain function. Distilled from the grass’s roots, this essential oil has been shown to help repel pests. Vetiver can also be used to create a calming atmosphere, helping to ease restlessness.


Renowned as the king of all oils, frankincense is very much a prized botanical. It has mentions in historical texts acknowledging its medicinal uses like soothing topical skins salves to ritual based religious ceremonies. This aromatic resin has a warm and spicy scent and is noted to bring feelings of peace and balance. It is also known to have restorative properties for the skin. No wonder this precious oil has such history behind it! , We are so excited to be using this centuries-old botanical in our products.